Interesting History of Prada Wallets

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While girls walk around with Handbags and purses slung over their shoulder they are likely well aware of their operational value and even their ability to place a fashion statement. It seems as long as we can Remember women carried some type of purse or handbag. Think back to your own mother and even your grandma and they always had their handbag with them. A purse is very good for throwing your keys, makeup, and wallet; pocket sized calendar, telephone, and several other items in. It is even great for lugging around all of the necessities for your children like snacks, a sippy cup, and even a spare diaper. Handbags and purses are more Than just a carry all, its origins all the way back to 16th century and has been a longstanding fashion statement and functional thing ever since.

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Its early uses were more about Signifying a logo instead of for carting items around in. When you look at ancient wedding customs a cash purse was given to the couple. It was meant to be a symbol of the uterus so the more complete the handbag was the more full the girls would be. If you were of high standard During the 16th century you would take your purse known as a money pouch from a women’s girdle or belt. When this started to change was From the 18th century. Fashion took a huge turn in this time with women’s wear getting thinner and fitting closer to the body. Due to that there was no excess space for carrying out a money pouch. Women then started to carry a handbag or purse, often woven or embroidered.

From that point purses and handbags continued to evolve. Among the first pioneers as far as purses and handbags extends was Louis Vuitton who introduced his trunk in 1854. The first one was made from waterproof canvas and iron and was intended for those who had lots of cash to spare. It was a sign of elegance and luxury and in 1896 the monogram canvas was introduced. This identical appearance is the one people are so knowledgeable about now when they think of Louis Vuitton. Even now carrying a bit from this designer is an indication of wealth, power, and prestige. Other notable designers began Popping up with their take on purses and handbags and the public could select from Gucci, Hermes, and Prada. This is when the industry really took off in popularity. From that point onĀ authentic prada wallet singapore have Changed in size, shape, substance, and a broad assortment of costs but one thing that has remained constant is its prevalence. Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to get any girl who would leave her home without a handbag.

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