Some humorous birthday quotes

50th birthday is Special in the life span of everybody since it is that which we call the half landmark, when you have finished half a century of living with this ground. It is when you begin feeling youthful even though your expansive child can ride the bike. This is the era when you look back on all of the great things you have done and repent those things which you never did. Jeff Bezos who began once said he began amazon since he believed he must do something that he ought to be pleased with, looking back or instead he should not regret not having done anything like this. He calls it that the sorrow minimization framework.

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He felt that the necessity to minimize his insecurities when he grew old. In 50, if you have not done much you are inclined to regret, however, what you ought to remember is that, 5o really is not the conclusion of the trip. It is merely the half landmark and you get a very long way to go. If you would like to begin something afresh at 50, then 50 can also be only a good a year as looking at it at a much more favorable manner, it is only the correct age to begin something good. Seeing a shop that sells cards, you may be in even more chance to obtain what you may be trying to find.

You have got expertise in your hands and it is something a glowing 20 year old will require 30 years to make. And by 50 you have made a great deal of contacts and also have given your share out of favors and also the opportunity to call in these favors. It is an excellent feeling to be 50 and also to reach there is an achievement itself that ought to be celebrated. This is a really special Birthday but in addition, this is a birthday which you wish should not ever encounter, but if it wills you understand you have crossed the half landmark. Below are a few quotations which you may use from the birthday wishes images. However, do recall that if it is your friend who’s turning 50, then you will also be 50 soon, so picked your quotation nicely.

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