Getting ready to meditate at right time

best time to meditateYou may sit on a gold pillow at a calm, beautiful meditation room, with a glass of Himalayan mineral water, gong music playing in the background, together with the gentle smell of incense and seventeen other people around you increasing the vibration into the greatest possible level. Or you could sit on a busy tube train, being jostled left and right, with the announcer constantly interrupting, three different base lines from three unique iPods thumping in the background, the smell of someone’s coffee really attractive, the smell of somebody else’s less attractive, not to mention someone treading every so often on your own feet.

It is all up to you where you meditate. I used to really meditate best on the tube since it fitted into my program, and there are some nice ways to utilize the surplus energy onto a tube. I really found it quite tough to meditate in a quiet, still place then. I have meditated on beaches, in Buddhist temples, in bed, on the couch, lying down, pretty much everywhere. Here is some general guidance on meditation, but please use what works for you. When I’m finding it tough to meditate, usually because I am quite emotional, I find it helps to maintain a pure location; a playground, a wood, on a shore. The sound of waves allegedly lifts your state anyhow so this could actually be the best time to meditate.

In addition, I see that visiting a place where others are meditating or praying, a church or temple can be useful. It helps to be comfortable, but not overly comfortable, unless you are delighted to drift off to sleep. It helps to not be in a hurry. Even though you can always place an alarm and this is quite a great way of letting go of time. It helps to be physically relaxed, not too hungry or too full, not thirsty. Music can be useful, I enjoy the sound of a gong, or white noise also; the noise of the washing machine can be very helpful – likewise the noise of a tube train. Sometimes if it is quiet you can be quite aware of every small sound.

Some folks use specific positions of the body – assorted kinds of sitting cross legged, or lying down, and what a few folks suggest is helpful is also something called madras that is a configuration of the palms. You have probably seen people in a traditional meditation pose with their fingers arranged in a specific way. Some people today think this aids meditation. Sometimes I touch my head to the interior joint of my finger in closest the nail end, sometimes I sit with my elbows by my side, palms in the thumbs up position which is another way you can do it.

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