What is the reason behind wellness programs?

Think of providing beneficial plans for employees in order to retain top talents. Wellness program may include retirement or pension plan, health care, maternity leave. This programs impacts emotional senses of employees and it also helps in creating positive image on the management.

wellness programs

Reasons to have wellness program;

  • To improve employee health behavior; employees should be feed with right education, skills, motivation and social support. They help people on adopting and maintaining healthy behavior in the organization. This behavioral change leads to low health risks, and that leads to reduced health care costs.
  • Reduction of health risks; many organization provide free health check up facilities from the organization itself. This helps the employess to be more consiousnous about their healthy life style. Providing nutritious food at the food court can also induce people to take care of themselves.
  • Improves productivity; when the employee is maintaining a poor health, then it is difficult to be more productivity. Your fitness is directly proportional to productivity. The reason behind unhealthy work place is that distracted by employees, unrecognized platforms for talents, tired on working with same technology and poor work life balance. These issues have to address by company. When you engage your employees in other activities or events, the mind starts acting productively.
  • Decreases absenteeism; people get tired on working with same routine work. In order to overcome decreased absenteeism, providing beneficial activities inside the company cab help in reduced absenteeism. Good and healthy behavior, controlled stress levelĀ  and healthy blood pressure level and employee incentives singapore are the major elements to overlook for reduced absenteeism.

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